What’s In My Wallet?

Travel Reward Credit Cards… An Easy & Practical Guide Friends and Customers have asked often about which are the best Credit Cards to use for Travel. Here is my own Travel Reward Credit Cards strategy for my daily use and when I travel. And I will offer what I know … Read More

Apex Expo in Long Beach 2017 – Day 1 Education & Awards

APEX EXPO for Summer 2017 is happening in Long Beach California, and I have the privilege to attend. APEX is about the Passenger Experience. For us passenger types, how can the airline industry deliver a more pleasurable experience. For the Airline Industry, how can they make the passengers happy and … Read More

Travel Apps We Love, We Like, We Use

Having the right App on your phone and all the needed information loaded can really make a difference on any trip. Flight Delay and Gate Change notifications can save uneeded hustling at an Airport, and let you spend extra time in the lounge or shopping for travel gifts. Your car … Read More

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