Destination: Turks & Caicos Islands

Island Idylls – Dive Into Adventure in the Lucayan Archipelago Say I scuba-“do” to a dive along one of the world’s longest barrier reefs and a mile-high underwater wall off the coast of the Turks and Caicos, a chain of 40 islands and cays in the aquamarine Caribbean. For a … Read More

Destination: Tokyo

I love Tokyo, and it was such a pleasure to have lived there for 3-years. Hands down, the most interesting of the major world cities. And it keeps evolving and changing, it is always a new experience to go to Tokyo. But, there will be more added here, I have … Read More


I loved this place. A wonderful piece of history. And Sri Lankan food is the best of the sub-continent. Spending time in Galle was like going back in time and the Sri Lanken people are so lovely. The hotel and staff was superb, and having The Garden House made it … Read More


Resort Report by: The Fussy Flyer / The Celestial Bali for my birthday, during the rainy season, how fantastic is that! And truth be told, while I like the sun, living in LA, I get all I need. And Bali, is always warm and pleasant in the rain. So we … Read More


Resort Report by: The Fussy Flyer The hotel was offering a great deal for between seasons… not ski season and not outdoor season, so we packed the Coco the dachshund and spent a few days. The pool spectacular and bathwater warm! HOTEL CHAIN: Aman Resorts LOCATION: Canyon Point, Utah, USA … Read More


Resort Report by: The Fussy Flyer / The Celestial Once you have had an Aman Resort experience, there is never going back. This was our first. And I can return anytime. Stayed in one of the Garden Pavilions up in the hills above the main resort area, and it was … Read More