Destination: Prague

Perhaps more than any other city in Europe, Prague has kept its pre-modern charm. Spared the destruction of the Second World War, the ancient structures of the city still exist in their original state. Prague is a walking city as it was designed over many centuries for the pedestrian and … Read More

Destination: Czech Republic

Castles, chateaux, sixteen UNESCO monuments and historical cities are some of the most popular trip destinations in the Czech Republic. History, recent as well as ancient, has left its mark on this blissful landscape, with many impressive treasures from different eras. The reflections of the past can also be experienced … Read More

Destination: Nepal

Journey through Asia’s alpine playground With its snow-capped giants and delightfully charming people, Nepal is home to monasteries, yaks, and eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks, including the world-renowned Mount Everest. This landlocked country is bordered by China and India, with the iconic Himalaya running across the northern and … Read More

SFO San Francisco International

Along with SEA Seattle Tacoma International and LAX Los Angeles International, San Francisco Airport plays a key role as a United States West Coast Hub. ► UNITED AIRLINES ► ALASKA AIRLINES ► FRONTIER AIRLINESS ► WIKIPEDIA: SFO San Francisco International Page A great resource for all the basic information you … Read More

Destination: Japan

Exotic Asia country of striking contrasts and remarkable beauty, and a fun place to spend some time Walk hand-in-hand beneath cherry blossom trees in the spring, or slalom down the Japan Alps in the winter. Dance ‘til dawn in Tokyo’s rollicking clubs, or bask in a hot-spring spa. Immerse yourself … Read More

Destination: Bhutan

Unspoiled Asia    a once isolated kingdom       throws open its doors Bhutan, located in the remote eastern Himalayas, isn’t an easy country to get to, or get into, but once you arrive, you’ll be well rewarded. It has adopted a more democratized government and is adapting to the growing number of … Read More

Destination: Beverly Hills

Swimming pools, movie stars… glitz, glamour, and the best designer-shopping scene in all of California. THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL Sunset & Crescent Drive Size: 210 rooms and suites / 23 bungalows Style: Classic Hollywood Year Opened: 1912 Most Recent Renovation/Update: several over the years For over a century The Beverly … Read More

Destination: Tokyo

I love Tokyo, and it was such a pleasure to have lived there for 3-years. Hands down, the most interesting of the major world cities. And it keeps evolving and changing, it is always a new (and pleasant) experience to go to Tokyo. Tokyo (東京 Tōkyō) is the enormous and … Read More

Destination: Kyoto

Getting to know Kyoto means getting crafty in the former capital of Japan. Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years, beginning in 794, when Emperor Kammu made the city the seat of his Imperial court and the center of Japan’s political world. This long and prestigious history … Read More

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