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Amangiri in Canyon Country Utah

Review Amangiri in Canyon Country Utah Aman Resorts Report

One of the beauties of many of the Aman Resorts, is that they are the destination. They select fabulous locations and then make their resort part of the locale. So, many times when you arrive to the Aman, you have arrived at your destination, no need to go further.

And such is the case with Amangiri. It is one of my favorite getaway spots on the US West Coast. Sure you can do treks off the property, but there is no need to do so. And if your are into the sporting life, you can do Winter Sports or Summer Sports from here and use it as your home base… or just stay put and enjoy one of the most attractive resorts in North America.

I actually prefer the off-season, between Winter and Summer. And often you can get the all-inclusive packages during this time, making it a rather reasonable rate for a few days. Getting there by car from LA is a good 1-day drive through some gorgeous terrain, or you can fly into Page Municipal, across the border in Arizona… the Aman will pick you up at the Airport. And Great Lakes Airlines flies in regularly from Phoenix.

HOTEL CHAIN: Aman Resorts
LOCATION: Canyon Point, Utah, USA
COST – RETAIL: $1400.00 USD per night, and up
SPECIAL PACKAGE: Virtuoso, or special exclusive offerings

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I had the pleasure to sending my good buddy Jen at to the Amangiri recently. She has a great photo exposé on the Amangiri and the surrounding Canyon Country. Do check it out:



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