TWA Hotel at JFK

TWA Hotel at JFK

This is one hotel opening we are REALLY excited about.

Finally opened to mixed reviews… the AV Geeks seems to love it, but as a hotel, it is going a through service growing pains. It appears to be missing a direct shuttle to all the terminals and relies on that airport train instead.

I did have the pleasure of flying in & out of Terminal 5 during the TWA era of flying. And saw my first Concorde parked here right next to the 747 I had arrived on.

TWA Hotel at JFK
TWA Hotel at JFK

From the TWA Hotel website:
The TWA Hotel at JFK International Airport will preserve the iconic Eero Saarinen terminal, restoring the landmark to its Jet Age splendor for generations to enjoy. Designed to defer to the landmark, the new hotel structures will be set back from the terminal.

LOCATION: JFK Terminal 5

COST – RETAIL: estimated at $250.00 and up

Hotel info: TWA Hotel at JFK

Conde Nast Traveler update: TWA Hotel at New York’s JFK Airport: By the Numbers

page updated: July 2019

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