Destination: Bolivia

Be Bowled Over    colorful contrasts, exotic towns, vibrant escape Touring Bolivia is like riding a rainbow, with its green Amazonian jungles, white-capped Andean mountains, pink flamingos wading in the red waters of Laguna Colorada, and cerulean skies reflected in Lake Titicaca. Browse for flamboyant souvenirs in the chaotic markets of … Read More

Destination: Argentina

Drama Aplenty…    Argentina’s varied landscape       is a roller-coaster ride Fall in love all over again beside Iguazu Falls, a crashing confluence of cascades tumbling over a plateau bordering Argentina and Brazil. Feel your hearts pound in unison while rock climbing in Patagonia’s Los Glaciares National Park or hiking Tierra del … Read More

Destination: Croatia

Not exactly the easiest place to get to… and the flight options tend to be mostly with the LCC and Seasonal flight providers. Thou part of the EU, Croatia is not part of the Shengen Agreement (yet)… bring your Passport ! US Citizen do not require a special Tourist Visa. … Read More