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Destination: Bolivia

Destination Bolivia hotel suggestions basic information and travel assistance

Be Bowled Over
   colorful contrasts, exotic towns, vibrant escape

Touring Bolivia is like riding a rainbow, with its green Amazonian jungles, white-capped Andean mountains, pink flamingos wading in the red waters of Laguna Colorada, and cerulean skies reflected in Lake Titicaca. Browse for flamboyant souvenirs in the chaotic markets of La Paz, blink at the bright-white colonial facades in Sucre, or see your life flash before your eyes on “the most dangerous road in the world,” winding from La Paz to Coroico.

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Destination Bolivia Special Precautions or Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa for US Citizens: None required at time of writing.

US Department of State Bolivia Information

Yellow Fever

Traveler’s Medical Insurance is highly advised:
Most care providers overseas only accept cash payments. Medicare and other standard Healthcare coverage does not extend to basic medical care or emergency care outside of the USA.

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 Destination Bolivia Preferred and Recommended Hotel and Lodgings

While not as developed with the Luxury Lodges or High-End Retreats as Chile or Peru… Bolivia still has a few good and unique offerings.

Kachi Lodge Salar De Uyuni Destination Bolivia Preferred and Recommended Hotel and Lodgings

Kachi Lodge, Salar De Uyuni
In the remote corners of the world, an hour flight from la Paz, Bolivia offers some of the most exhilarating vistas: at 3660m high, the salar is one of them. On the immense salt flat, one journey takes you to another dimension: welcome to Kachi Lodge! Set on a wooden platform near a cacti covered island, the six suites turn a stay on the altiplano into the most luxurious adventure. One where comfort and designed interiors meet the great outdoors: from the warmth of the dome-shaped suite, the salar unfolds like a mirror in the rainy season, or crystalline landscapes the rest of the year. At Kachi Lodge, the visionary mind-set of its founders – Amazing Escapes – pushes the boundaries of sustainable travels further: cutting edge green infrastructures, commitment to local culture and communities are a daily reality. Operational all year round, Kachi Lodge has teamed with the best in the region: unique food prepared by Bolivia’s most celebrated chef, one of a kind land art with Gastón Ugalde and an endless list of bespoke activities enhance every day at the lodge. Ready for a once in a lifetime adventure?

Kachi Lodge Website

Atix Hotel La Paz Destination Bolivia Preferred and Recommended Hotel and Lodgings

Atix Hotel
La Paz
As the first Design Hotels member in Bolivia, Atix is a luxury hospitality pioneer for art-inclined, design-savvy travelers, set in the breathtaking city of La Paz. Here, bold cosmopolitan travelers come together to experience exquisite local cuisine, world-class design, and a thrilling landscape of deep red canyons and glowing sunsets that all celebrate the hotel’s passion for Bolivian culture. Designed to be a live-in art gallery, the 53-room Atix, which means “one who thrives” in Quechua, displays fine-art photography and artwork in the guest corridors, rooms, and common areas by native artist Gastón Ugalde—known as the Andy Warhol of the Andes. For the commission, Ugalde traveled to places such as South Lípez Desert, Lake Titicaca, and Salar de Uyuni to capture Bolivia’s stunning landscape. The hotel’s Ona Restaurant celebrates the country’s biodiversity and the best of its gastronomic traditions. The hotel invites guests to a rooftop bar set next to an enticing infinity pool and Jacuzzi where they can experience world-class cocktails inspired by the Bolivian culture, traditions, and flavors.

Of note: I am a Preferred Partner with this hotel. Enjoy complimentary VIP amenities when booking with me (e.g. room upgrade, early check-in, late check-out, daily breakfast, complimentary WiFi, Food or Spa Credit).

Atix Hotel Design Hotel Page


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Destination Specialists and Local Assistance Bolivia

Bolivia is definitely a place we should work with a Destination Specialist, especially on your first visit.

Ladatco Tours
One of my favorite suppliers for Bolivia.

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Online Tours Activities Attraction Providers Bolivia

A few good resources for easy tours, advance tickets & activities planning:

A curated source of Tickets, Tours and Activities.

A wide variety Tickets and Tours from the folks who bring you Trip Advisor.

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 Destination Bolivia Information from other trusted sources

My Bolivia Information Page at Virtuoso
Here is a good place to start for some additional information on quality Hotels and Activities.

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Have a favorite thing to do or see in Bolivia?
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