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Destination: Croatia

Destination Croatia some basic information and travel assistance

Fantasy Series Setting is Ready for its Close-Up

Since joining the EU and appearing in scenes from “Game of Thrones,” Croatia has been basking in the spotlight. Walk along Dubrovnik’s city walls, overlooking the sapphire blue Adriatic. In seaside Split, wander the ancient Roman streets of Diocletian’s Palace, dating to 300 AD. Head to the Istrian Peninsula for more beaches, fishing villages, vineyards and olive groves, or inland to Zagreb, a cultural capital with more than two dozen museums.

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Is it easy to go to Croatia

Not exactly the easiest place to get to… and the flight options tend to be mostly with the LCC and Seasonal flight providers.

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Destination Croatia Special Precautions or Visa Requirements

Thou part of the EU, Croatia is not part of the Shengen Agreement (yet)… bring your Passport !

US Citizen do not require a special Tourist Visa.

US Department of State Croatia Information

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Destination Croatia Where To Go and What To See

 Destination Croatia Preferred and Recommended Hotel and Lodgings Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia
Italo-Slavic heritage and contemporary Croatian culture mix effortlessly in the northern Adriatic town of Rovinj. Colorful palazzos and historic buildings fill its beautiful Venetian-era Old Town, where you’ll find the Baroque Church of St. Euphemia. Climb its 60-meter-tall bell tower for spectacular panoramic views of the city, the Istrian Peninsula and the Rovinj archipelago. Linking the older and new districts, Tito Square is the lively town center, and home to a landmark clock tower, arch and museum. From here a long promenade extends along the harbor and marina and takes you all the way to Golden Cape, a tranquil forest. In the evening, chill out with a drink in the Old Town or head to the northwest end of the harbor for a relaxing sundowner. 

 Destination Croatia Preferred and Recommended Hotel and Lodgings Split Croatia

Split, Croatia
Life in this exuberant city revolves around its outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Site, Diocletian’s Palace. Don’t be mistaken though – this is no quiet palace or stuffy museum – it’s an elaborate ancient complex of 220 buildings that make up the beating heart of this beautiful city. Home to around 3,000 people, Diocletian’s Palace is a precious Roman gem where the locals go about their daily lives undeterred by the fact that they’re living in a historical wonder. Its narrow alleyways are home to some wonderful restaurants and bars, so pull up a chair and sample the local pašticada (slabs of beef stewed in prunes and red wine), before heading to the charming Riva area at the harbor for a glass of the superb local wine and some world-class people-watching.

 Destination Croatia Preferred and Recommended Hotel and Lodgings Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia
It was George Bernard Shaw who famously described Dubrovnik as “the pearl of the Adriatic” and recommended that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come … and see Dubrovnik.” Coral-tiled roofs and a backdrop of green hills contrast sharply with the spectacular blue of the Adriatic Sea. Thick medieval walls wrap around beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. Dubrovnik is truly amazing, and it’s no wonder this UNESCO World Heritage site played a central role in TV’s popular Game of Thrones. Be sure to take a walk along the city walls. No matter how many times you’ve been to Dubrovnik, you can’t help being inspired by the ancient ramparts that survived sieges by countless invaders for centuries and still stand proudly today.

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Destination Croatia Cruise Itineraries of Interest

 Destination Croatia 5-Day cruise along the Croatia and Montenegro Coast

Venice To Dubrovnik – 5-Day Cruise
The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection
Departure: June 19, 2021
A wonderful 5-Day cruise along the Croatia and Montenegro Coast. A great way to sample one of the Adriatic’s finest coastlines.

From one of the world’s most enchanting cities to the “Queen of the Adriatic,” sail along a coast dappled with destinations acclaimed for their storied histories and stunning beauty. Island towns and seaside cities offer access to medieval-era UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as majestic scenery.

 Destination Croatia 5-Day cruise along the Croatia and Montenegro Coast

Contact me for Details and Special Amenities

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection


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 Destination Croatia Information from other trusted sources

My Croatia Information Page at Virtuoso
Here is a good place to start for some additional information on quality Hotels and Activities.

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