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Dinner for 2: I Latina Cocina Latinoamericana – Buenos Aires

Review Dinner for 2 I Latina Cocina Latinoamericana Buenos Aires Report

Report by: The Celestial

Don’t cry for me Argentina!!

Because really as The Fussy Flyer said at dinner….. “imagine being seated in front of a very hawt boy… who’s cross eyed… you think you can just suck it up and enjoy his company but then you realize that you just can’t get over that ever so glaring flaw…”

That sums up dinner at I latina.

Kudo’s to them for trying to elevate South American cuisine for the western palate but as we know The Tango isn’t like a Waltz at all and so the food is very fiery… lots of flavors mashed into one… its not inedible by any means but for a delicate wallflower like the Celestial… the food overwhelmed his senses… Sweet, sour, spicy, salty, bitter… all needed for variety but in one bite… is a mess.
   The wine pairing… was very interesting… apparently Mendoza is like the Napa of Argentina… all wines come from Mendoza… or at least it seemed that way… though… the Celestial enjoyed a most intriguing spin on a Margarita… hibiscus infused tequila served with prickly pear juice with Tanjin salted rim… a salt spice concoction that is is ubiquitous in Mexican candies… packed a lovely punch and was served in a most lovely depression era champagne glass… divine!

If one is a fussy gourmand… I Latina may not be up to your standards… less is more and not a bore… is not a catch phrase that the chefs here embrace!

WHEN THERE: March 2017

Villa Crespo, Murillo 725
Buenos Aires, Argentina

COST: AR $1600.00 pesos per person / Wine Pairing AR $800.00 pesos per person

for more information go to: I LATINA COCINA LATINOAMERICANA

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