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Dinner for 7: Corner House – Singapore

Review Dinner for 7 Corner House Singapore Report

Report by: The Celestial

The best phrase that was used by a fellow contributor, the BuzyBee… Exceeded expectations.

In Singapore, the demand for food quality is set incredibly high… one wrong extra wrist turning salt finish spells disaster…overcooked satay… epic fail…. and no self respecting establishment would want to hear a patron utter the the ever so dreaded comment….’Your standards have fallen’.
   Needless to say, Corner House averted the criticism from an extremely fussy group of diners.
    It was The Celestial’s 48th dinner and he was delightfully impressed by not only the quality of the food but the presentation as well as the service…overall for a western styled food experience, Corner house would rank amongst the top 10 for 2017… albeit we are only 3 months into the new year its as good of a start as any!

Eleven Madison Park, L’arpege… well you deserve the 3 Michelin stars… but watch out, Corner House may be right on your heels!

The Fussy Flyer adds:
I actually look forward to coming back for Lunch. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are one of the best in the world, and to wander the gardens in the morning and have a lovely lunch here, seems a perfect outing in Singapore.

WHEN THERE: March 2017

1 Cluny Road, E J H Corner House
Singapore Botanic Gardens (Nassim Gate Entrance)
Singapore 259569

COST: S$198.00 per person, plus S$128 wine paring per person

for more information go to: CORNER HOUSE

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