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Wings Air IW 1848 1882 Denpasar ✈ Sumbawa

Review IW 1848 1882 Denpasar to Sumbawa Wings Air Report

Time to head off to Moyo Island, our main destination on this trek to Bali. And I am happy for one thing, we had an aid all the way through the process of getting checked in. Indonesian was the language spoken here. And it appeared a bit in chaos at Wings Air. But with that said, all was quite simple. We had lighter bags planned for this part of our Glamping Vacation so no additional weight charges which we were warned could be quite hefty on this flight. With the new International Terminal, the old terminal got a makeover and handles mainly domestic flights. They did a great job sprucing up the old terminal, barely recognized it, all shiny and clean and loads of little stores for shopping and good viewing areas.
   Time for boarding, and of course they do a last minute gate change, so we trek to a gate a few over nearly loosing several passengers (including The Celestial) on the way, and out onto the tarmac… and there is our little baby ATR 42-300 waiting for us. Boarding is in the back, and lord almighty that plane was hot, with no air of course just baking in the Indonesian sunshine. Then we sat, and we sat, and sat some more, and I sweat the whole time, that’s what Fussy does. But so does everyone else, so better to just brave through it. The doors finally close and up off we go, taking off right by that Saudi King’s entourage of planes and endless stuff he needs to travel with, what a kooky and wasteful King those Saudi’s have. Next stop Lombok, wherever that is.

Two of the several Saudi Jets for the visit of his “Highness”

The odd thing with this flight, is that has 2 flight numbers as if we were changing planes, and I was issued two boarding passes, each with different seats and flight numbers. So in Lombok, they request all out except those who were continuing on to Sumbawa. All deplaned who should, except one wasted Aussie aged party boy, I think he passed out on the flight and had no idea where he was. He also made the most unusual pillow out of a drinking water bottle that made the saddest crinkly noises during the flight. A perfect Passenger Shaming moment. That guy was a mess.
   Party Boy finally off and the new passengers on, next stop Sumbawa. I liked being further in front on this segment, no propeller in the photos. And the view of coral reefs and lovely little Indonesian islands was wonderful. Made for a real fun flight for our stay at Amanwana. Quick landing in Sumbawa, and you could see they were working on a new airport, but the frumpy little old airport was perfect for our arrival. We were met by our greeter from the resort and shortly whisked off to our boat taking us out to Moyo Island.

AIRLINE: Wings Air
FLIGHT # IW 1848 / 1882
FROM: DPS – Denpasar
LAYOVER: LOP – Lombok, Mataram (Praya, ID)
TO: SWQ – Sumbawa

FLOWN: March 2017
FLYING TIME: 0:30 / 0:30
SEAT / CLASS FLOWN: 8C / 4F no class

MEALS SERVED none on these two segments
COST – RETAIL: 1,138,000 IDR Round Trip

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