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Garuda Indonesia GA 7035 451 – Sumbawa ✈ Denpasar Report

Review ✈ GA 7035 451 Garuda Sumbawa Denpasar Report

Time to leave Moyo Island, short boat ride with the flying fish and dolphins, and it is to Sumbawa Airport I go. Check in and Security was a rather awkward affair in the little building they call an airport terminal. But it all got done eventually. The waiting room was simple with 3 monitors showing MTV Indonesia. Slowly the room filled up, getting ready for the Garuda flight to Lombok, a slightly bigger ATR this time. The first puddle jumper back to Denpasar.

It was pretty much the same way I came to Moyo Island, with a change of plane this time in Lombok, but this time flying Garuda rather than Wings Air. But surprise, surprise, Garuda offered a snack on this flight, impressive. And it was a welcome thing, because there really was nothing available at Sumbawa, thanks Garuda, well done. In Lombok, there was a proper plane change, so a bit of a wait for the next flight. But golly, I found I have lounge access here at the Priority Pass Sheraton Lounge… and it appears it is related to the SPG chain rather than a copyright violation. That said, the lounge was OK, but fabulous to find in Lombok of all places, who knew.

Getting to the gate was moderately zoo like, but once past the secondary security, boarding started rather quickly and easily. From here Garuda flies a 737-800 jet, fancy. And they really did start to pack em in, and the flight was surpisingly sold out. I hadn’t seen this many Australians since being in Australia, so there must be some new diving region known only to the Downunders on this island. Smooth takeoff and then, surprise, another snack box! This time with a banana fritter in the bun. Impressive for another 30 minute flight, Garuda has really changed in the last 25 years, when I swore to never fly with them again. A short hop and we land in Denpasar, only to see that the Saudi King still hasn’t left. Mind you, the only reason I care, is that it snarled traffic and added about 45 minutes to my transport time when I (and he at the same time) arrived in Bali. Rumor has it, he and I depart is same day, so I need to plan on more time from Ubud, otherwise I couldn’t give a hoot about these over the top people.

Our airgate was busy (probably with that damn King) so we had to deplane on the Tarmac, which I always enjoy anyway. A short bus ride back to the terminal, and enter through the old gates they used when this was the International Terminal. A great little flight, and Garuda impressed me with how well run they have become.

AIRLINE: Garuda Indonesia
FLIGHT # GA7035 / GA451
AIRCRAFT: ATR72-600 / B737-800
FROM: SWQ – Sumbawa
PLANE CHANGE: LOP – Lombok, Mataram (Praya, ID)
TO: DPS – Denpasar

FLOWN: March 2017
FLYING TIME: 0:30 / 0:30
SEAT / CLASS FLOWN: 22H / 32K no class

MEALS SERVED Snack on both segments, WOW!
COST – RETAIL: 1,138,000 IDR Round Trip

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    Southwest… please take note… they offered a snack and a beverage in a box and NO attitude!!! And the flight was less than 45 minutes.

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