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Singapore Airlines SQ943 – DPS ✈ SIN Business Class

Review Singapore Airlines SQ943 DPS Denpasar ✈ SIN Singapore Report

Leaving via the new DPS Ngurah Rai International Airport is a bit of a thrill, it used to be rather dumpy. My last time here, they were working on the new Terminal, but I just plainly forgot. They did a great job, though you can tell it was built in a bit of a rush. Construction work just not as slick as let’s say HKG, Hong Kong. But a good terminal, they should be proud.

Check-in, security and passport control was quite easy. The Singapore Airlines lounge for Business is the same as the Priority Pass offering, so I was covered with the wait time. When the time to board arrived, I notice that Saudi King’s planes are still hanging around, and parked right by us.

Singapore Airlines SQ943 – parked right by the Saudi King’s clean up crew.

I have flown this route before about 5 years ago, so it may even be the same plane… I know the interior is exactly the same. It does feel a bit dated since nowadays they use mostly impact resistant Plastics rather than metal, but it still is a very well done space, thought old. The area for cell phones no longer holds a modern iPhone of any size, so it was amusing watching the guy in 14D fumble with two he was trying to charge.

Take-off was smooth and we were in the air quickly. Lunch service started promptly, and I for the first time order a Silver-Kris Sling just to taste the SIA version of the famous Singapore Sling. They had a splash of champagne to pizzaz the standard sling up… to be honest, I didn’t really like the standard Singapore Sling, and this really wasn’t that much better… but I did get the chance to try it. For lunch I requested the Gulai Kambing (Curry Lamb) and it was great. I paired it with the 2012 Chateau Peyrabon, a good combo. Dining done, it’s time for some binge watching on the iPad, and before I knew, we were landing in Singapore. A hazy day over the harbor and landing with almost no delay. SIN Changi is truly a dream airport, passport control is so controlled and proper, as it should be. A big airy but inviting Airport space when you arrive in Terminal 3.

This was a great flight, and the Singapore Regional Business Class is a great product (always has been), and the food was better than Cathay Regional Business on the way down. The only caveat was the slightly outdated cabin, but all else is a hit. And at the price of this flight, a total bargain.

AIRLINE: Singapore Airlines
AIRCRAFT: Airbus A330-300
FROM: DPS – Denpasar
TO: SIN – Singapore

FLOWN: March 2017
SEAT / CLASS FLOWN: 14A / Business

COST – RETAIL: $400.00 USD
COST – MILEAGE / PROGRAM: 15,000 KrisFlyer

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