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Restaurant Tim Raue Berlin – The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants #48

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The World’s 50 Best Restaurant #48 – Restaurant Tim Raue

I am the first to admit that German Food frightens me. I can not eat Pork, don’t like butter and do not have a sweet tooth… all things essential in almost every German dish. But in Berlin, I wanted to see what Mr. Raue’s German inspired Asian Fusion was about.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – Tim Raue

The restaurant is near Checkpoint Charlie in the Mitte, and you enter from the rather plain center courtyard off the street. The main dining room is simple with a few low partitions… casual, chic and modern. Business casual attire, so no need for a jacket or tie. They have several menu options… but don’t try and alter the “Menu 8”, it is clearly to be a complete and unaltered experience, suggesting a substitution will get an evil eye from the maître d’ (I think Mrs. Raue herself). So, the 6 course was the option with the Dong Po Pork being substituted with the Peking Duck, with the wine pairing. Order in, the fun begins.

The Pikeperch presentation was super fun!

An amuse-bouche sampler comes out and yes indeed, the serving is Asian-ish, but very sweet right from the start. And all the subsequent servings and most the wine pairings as well, very sweet, if not on the sugary side. I actually once had to go to the restroom, mainly to wash my hands, they were sticky from the sugars. But the preparation was overall excellent. The Scallop with Elderflower and Thai Pepper, the first was great. The Pikeperch presentation was super fun, though the broth it came in overly sweet again for me. The Saté Chicken needed a bit more crisp on chicken to be called a Saté. The standouts for me was the Langoustine, and the Quince-Saffron Jelly in the final desert. The wine paring mostly whites and on the sweet side as well, there was one standout for me, the Horst Sauer Wie Es Ist, mostly due to it not being the sweetest of the servings. But all in all, a very intriguing meal. Defiantly not true Asian, but an interesting interpretation of Asian cuisine.

Sadly… all great meals come at a price.

For me, the next time in Berlin, I personally would pass on dinner, but come back for lunch. The lunch set menu looks great and a fraction of the cost. But glad I was able to sample some of Herr Raue’s presentations.

WHEN THERE: August 2018

Rudi-dutschke-str. 26
10969 Berlin

COST: €300 per person (includes wine paring) for 6-course set dinner

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for more information go to: Restaurant Tim Raue
The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – Tim Raue

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