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Lufthansa LH510 – FRA Frankfurt ✈ EZE Buenos Aires First Class

Review Lufthansa LH510 - FRA Frankfurt EZE Buenos Aires First Class Report

Expectations: I have to admit that I am totally excited to fly on this. I love the 747-8 (a better aircraft than the A380) and this is my first time in First on this plane. It is the main reason I routed us to Frankfurt for our around the world trek. I am a bit sad it is not in the upper deck like the previous Lufthansa versions flown, but am sure I will survive just fine.

And not to mention, I finally get my damn duck! All those times in the lounge our “handler” never let me know that the ducks are a big thing and I should take one after my pre-flight bath.

All aboard for South America! and a few other destinations.

Our driver drops us off at C16 and it’s an elevator ride up to be greeted and escorted to our seat. Lufthansa First out of FRA is one of the best to make you feel like “You Have Arrived”. The seating and Cabin interior is pretty much the same they have had for the last few years, And this is pretty much the same seating they designed for the A340 rejiggered to fit in the B747-8i. Our purser hands us our signed & personalized Menus, and shock… she realized her passenger pre-info did not include nationality, thought I was an Argentine, thus in Spanish. She also shows me where my additional closet space is and I change right away into my flight/sleep suit. I plan on sleeping a bit after dinner.

Caviar service starts, and I have my traditional Caviar with vodka shots. A must to start any Lufthansa First Flight. The Monkfish was prepared perfectly, a bit of desert and then it’s time to get ready for bed. Off to the bathroom, and reminds me, how nice these bathrooms are designed, and it is so nice to have a window as well. And joy of Joys, the toilet seat folds down into a proper bench, makes for easier changing. I return and my bed is all made and the duvet fluffed and ready.

It’s great to take a flight to South America from Europe, the time difference isn’t all that bad (5 hours) so Jet Lag has little chance to set in. I slept for about 6 hours and upon waking, was able to see small villages in the Amazon as we flew over out the window. It just felt really special at that moment. A bit of breakfast as the sun began to rise and gave a spectacular morning cloud display. Though I didn’t order this time, the Lufthansa Crunchy Chocolate Muesli, is quite delicious. Soon the suburbs of Buenos Aires came into view, a beautiful morning in Argentina, and a fantastic touchdown. Good job Captain Quincey Jones (really!).

LH510 as we start our approach… Hello Argentina!

Sad that the flight is over so soon, time to leave. A delicate young Lufthansa representative is there to make sure her flock of First Class passengers don’t get lost at EZE, and after Passport Control, lordy… the delicate thing is hefting all our luggage onto a trolley. Not so delicate after all. Another great First Class experience with one of my favorite airlines.

AIRLINE: Lufthansa
FROM: FRA – Frankfurt
TO: EZE – Buenos Aires

FLOWN: March 2017
FLYING TIME: 13h 45m

MEALS SERVED: Dinner, Snack, Breakfast

COST – RETAIL: $4000.00 USD
COST – MILEAGE / PROGRAM: 105,000 Miles & More

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