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Cathay Pacific CX289 – HKG Hong Kong ✈ FRA Frankfurt First Class

Review Cathay Pacific CX289 HKG FRA First Class Report

Time has arrived for the midnight flight to Frankfurt. And I am quite curious just how well Cathay treats their First Class passengers on their home turf. So our porter gets our luggage over to the corner where First Class is kinda hiding. Honestly I am a bit underwhelmed and struck how minimal the set-up is, and then it hits me… add 3-D projection behind the bare wall, and you have a version of Kraftwerk Live.

Cathay Pacific CX289 – HKG ✈ FRA First Class Checkin
doing their best Kraftwerk In Concert Impersonations

The Kiosk are supposed to be self-service, but glad a Cathay Gal was there to help, and the proceedings went rather quickly, though very unglamorously. Then through to Security & Customs with all the common folk, no fast-track or dedicated First Class entry, shocking. Since there were hours before the flight, time to spend time exploring HKG and all the lounges offered.
   Time for boarding, except the flight is running a bit late, but only about 30 minutes, so soon I get all nested into 1A. Since I had flown Cathay First from LAX two weeks before, on Cathay Pacific CX881 – LAX ✈ HKG First Class all was pretty much the same set-up, except, the menu was different. So no Lobster for the The Celestial in 2D. I order the beef, since I was still prepping my stomach for Argentina, and believe it is also notoriously difficult to prepare properly in a plane’s galley. A perfect take-off into the dark and off to Frankfurt we go.
   Dinner is served with the usual caviar starter and I am curious how many servings a certain someone is trying to get… I just ask for a few extra blinis. My entré arrives and it his a huge hunk of meat, but prepared perfectly. I eat barely a third, stuffed. No desert please, it is bedtime.
   The good thing about Cathay First, the bed is super comfy, and I fell asleep almost immediately and woke just in time for breakfast to begin. It’s kinda sad to have such a great overall product and just sleep the whole time, but one of the great benefits as well. With fresh eggs made to order, I requested scrambled egg whites, and they arrived fluffy and perfect. A bit a of fruit and a whole lot of coffee, and we land in the morning at FRA.

Welcome to warm and sunny Frankfurt! FRA Terminal 2

My first time in Terminal 2, the Cats & Dogs Terminal of FRA, all non-Star Alliance flights end up here, cause we’re in Lufthansa’s main turf. Passport control is always quick in Germany, and the luggage waiting, a cab (Deutschland ist kein Freund von Uber), and we are off to the hotel. And I am a bit sad that my time with Cathay on this trip is over, but I really want to fly with them again. Maybe on the new A350 or the newer 777x.

AIRLINE: Cathay Pacific Airways
FROM: HKG – Hong Kong
TO: FRA – Frankfurt

FLOWN: March 2017
FLYING TIME: 12h 20m
MEALS SERVED: Dinner, Breakfast

COST – RETAIL: $9000.00 USD
COST – MILEAGE / PROGRAM: 105,000 Asia Miles

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    Well that certain someone only had two servings and was tempted for a third but didn’t want to seem glutinous…..

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