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Lufthansa LH2472 – MUC Munich ✈ LHR London Heathrow Business

Flight Report Lufthansa LH2472 MUC Munich LHR London Heathrow Business Review

As a rule I find Euro-Business to be rather unspectacular. Same seats as Coach with no one in the middle seat is just a bit underwhelming, but you do get the all the other advantages, and with Lufthansa the service on board is always top notch. And this 2 hour flight was no different. Nice but never wow.

Lufthansa LH2472 Munich London on the tarmac

I did use the faster Check-In and Security for business, even though at the time of morning all was really quiet at MUC. And the MUC Business Lounge is the always nice Lufthansa style. Boarding was actually by bus, which was a surprise, but I do like tootling around on the Tarmac, didn’t realize they needed to do that in Munich as well. Boarding was easy and surprise…. no try table on the middle seat… which is better, it always got in the way in the past.

That Chocolate Granola Schmeckt gut!

Food service, my favorite Chocolate Granola, I think a Lufthansa exclusive. A few beauty shots of MUC and the German countryside, and two hours later, in London. I do think that the absence of WiFi, USB charging or any entertainment system is missing from most of the big European carriers. It gives it bit of a Low Cost Carrier feel to the service, and the price for the flight was not LCC, by any means.

AIRLINE: Lufthansa
AIRCRAFT: Airbus A321
FROM: MUC – Munich
TO: LHR – London Heathrow – Terminal 2

FLOWN: June 2017
FLYING DISTANCE: 682 mi miles
SEAT / CLASS FLOWN: 02F Business Class


COST – RETAIL: $367.35 USD (MUC – LAX) + $90.00 USD for upgrade to Business MUC – LHR)

Flight booked through: Momondo

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