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Amanusa – Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia – Aman Resorts

Review Amanusa Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia Aman Resorts Report

After 23 hours of travel, it’s time to stop for an evenings rest and catch some sleep… and what a wonderful place to wake up to. Located in the southern end of Bali, where all the “resorts” are, it was easy for me to dismiss this Aman as a stopover only, but it is an AMAN, and therefore a stunningly beautiful property. Amanusa is perched on a hilltop and therefore overlooks all the other hotels, though also has a view of the Golf Course, which to me is very un-Aman style. Not on the water, it does have beachfront that they will shuttle you to upon request. Oh, and just my luck… the day I arrive that Saudi King and his entourage arrive as well.

Amanusa Bali – with the Saudi King’s 747 landing

The Villa was a standard Garden Villa, large bedroom and sitting area, great bathroom and huge closets. And one thing I love about Bali is the outdoor shower area, very common here and refreshing. The outdoor patio area had a great view. A perfect place to just relax after flying halfway around the world.

Amanusa Bali – the well groomed gardens

Built in 1992, the grounds and buildings have blended in with Bali quite beautifully. Amanusa was designed to compliment the environment and culture. Just wandering the property is a pleasure, and a great way to get into Bali time. The food at all Aman locations is top-notch and can be had in the dining rooms or in your Villa. But alas… only 1-night here, off to Amanwana the next day.

HOTEL CHAIN: Aman Resorts
LOCATION: Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
TIME OF STAY: March 2017
ROOM BOOKED: Garden Villa

COST – RETAIL: $700.00 USD per night
BOOKING THROUGH: The Luxury Travel Agency

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Booking through: The Luxury Travel Agency
Booking and information: Aman Resorts
Hotel info: Amanusa

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