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Amandari – Ubud Bali Indonesia – Aman Resorts

Review Amandari Ubud Bali Indonesia Aman Resorts Report

This is my sixth time to Bali, and it has changed in so many ways over the last 30+ years. Ubud used to be a very quiet and sleepy little place, but now it is all a hustle and a bustle. So I was very dubious of spending much, if any, time in the new epicenter of Yoga workshops and retreats. Thankfully, once in the Amandari compound, you feel as if you are back in time to the Ubud of old. The property is terraced with sweeping views of the Ayung River Valley and rice fields below, all is quiet and you forget about the buzz of mopeds, traffic, and Aussie Ravers.

Amandari – Ubud Bali

My room was one of the Pool Villas with the infinity pool with a view of the valley. The Villa was a huge open room with attached Bathroom area, with an outdoor tub (not shower). All in Balinese style, but modern. The pool and terrace area was perfect for dining or just lounging around. Just sit back and soak in the beauty of it all. And the wonder of Bali, the weather is almost always pleasant, especially when it rains and cools and clears some of the humidity.

Amandari – Ubud Bali

This is the 2nd Aman, though built in 1989, it has that “Always Been Here” feel, fitting into the landscape and complimenting it. The open air restaurant offers the usual fine, casual dining of an Aman. Surprisingly the menu did feel a bit short, but I know that in the past, if you want something not on the menu, not a problem if they can get all the ingredients. Of course, they had local dancers from the village perform for the guests. The Amandari has been part of the village since opening with many the locals employed here all their lives. The hospitality of the staff is unmistakably Balinese.

Amandari – The local school dancers

The true beauty of staying at any Aman (Amandari included), they are so tranquil you don’t really want to spoil that mood by leaving the compound. And they are experts at bringing in the culture of the locale, so you have no need to ever leave.

HOTEL CHAIN: Aman Resorts
LOCATION: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
TIME OF STAY: March 2017

COST – RETAIL: $800.00 USD per night
BOOKING THROUGH: The Luxury Travel Agency

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Booking through: The Luxury Travel Agency
Booking and information: Aman Resorts
Hotel info: Amandari

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