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Singapore Airlines The Private Room – SIN Changi

Review Singapore Airlines SIN Changi The Private Room Report

Flying Singapore in their Suites or First is generally an excellent experience. Check in at Changi at Terminal 3 has a private entrance (just prior to the main arrivals area at Terminal 3, but is clearly marked). From there, your handlers take care of everything, and you pass through a Private Screening and Passport Control dedicated to First Class passengers. Exactly what you should expect for the hometown of a major carrier.

Singapore Airlines SIN Changi First Class entrance… come on in and lighten the load on your Manolo Blahniks

Once in, it is up to the SilverKris Lounge, Business to the left and First to the right. In the First Class Lounge area, you can also invite passengers on your flight who are booked on a lesser class, great to get your nanny in. But then go to the back and that is where you enter The Private Room, only Singapore Airlines’ First Class or Suites ticket holders can enter… so it is much more quiet and private back there.

Singapore Airlines SIN Changi The Private Room, hello… anyone here?

Once in, you can easily find some huge plush chair to park yourself and that Goyard Bag. There is à la carte dining and a small buffet area, and all the libations and do-dads for a top-notch First Class Lounge dining experience. The bathrooms are quite lovely and the shower stalls pristine and ready for use. Many extra little rooms for those with children or those that need extra privacy. And OK view of the tarmac, which is better than nothing.

When I was last there, it was fairly empty (as usual), only a few ex-pat types reading some journal. The luncheon menu was rather uninspired, so I had a version of the Chicken Rice, which was good but nothing fantastic. So a bit bored, I did take the time to explore the rest of the KrisLounge, never having entered the Business Lounge before. Had fun geeky airport fun. And upon arriving I actually sat in the lounge area, rather than return to The Private Room.

The Private Room is a wonderful feature, but I am struck that Singapore Airlines is missing a certain final level of First Class hospitality that several competitors do supply. The Private Room service is near invisible, which is nice to a point. But I feel they should step it up, to pay a bit more mind to the guests. Someone reminding you that your flight is soon departing would be nice, and even an escort to the Jetway and through any secondary screenings. That final level of hospitality is missing to make it a contender for one of the best Lounge experiences in the world.

LOCATION:SIN – Singapore Changi – Terminal 3
WHEN VISITED: January 2012, September 2013, March 2017
COST OF ENTRY: First Class / Suites Ticket on Singapore Airlines only


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  1. The Celestial
    | Reply

    Standards have fallen sadly even in the First Class Private Rooms…. Sigh.

    • The Fussy Flyer
      | Reply

      I don’t think they have fallen at all, just remained the same while everyone else has caught up and a few surpassed. The lack of more personal attention for the First Class passenger and interaction has always been missing a bit at The Private Room…. but maybe most of the passengers prefer it.

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