Great Fosters – Egham, Surrey

Great Fosters is my favorite stop over hotel ever. If I only have one or two nights in London, this is the place we go. 15 minute drive from Heathrow, and it is a quiet and restful proper English Hotel. All the rooms in the main house are quite cozy … Read More


Resort Report by: The Fussy Flyer / The Celestial Bali for my birthday, during the rainy season, how fantastic is that! And truth be told, while I like the sun, living in LA, I get all I need. And Bali, is always warm and pleasant in the rain. So we … Read More


Just getting things started and put together, hopefully in time for a proper launch for our ‘Round the World Trip starting March 3. Flying the best class offered, so mostly First, but whose counting in the end. The site right now is a public work in progress… for the next … Read More

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