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JSX / JetSuiteX

Basic Information JSX JetSuite X Major Airline

Data-Subhead Information JSX JetSuite X IATA ICAO and Callsign

Status Ratings of JSX JetSuite X as a Preferred Carrier

I have been flying semi-private JetSuiteX for years now, and as far as I am concerned, it is the only to get Las Vegas from Burbank. They have recently gone through a re-Branding to JSX, I will be getting a few of the new livery images up shortly.

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 JSX JetSuiteX Livery and Design Details

JSX JetSuiteX Livery and Design Details

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 JSX JetSuite X Routes of Note

Below is the current (Oct 2019) Route Map with the new routes that are being added soon.

Route map as of Oct 2019 for JSX

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More information: Official JSX JetSuiteX website

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page updated: October 2019

some images courtesy JSX JetSuiteX

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