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EK248 Emirates EZE Buenos Aires ✈ GIG Rio De Janeiro First & Business Class

Review EK248 Emirates EZE GIG First Business Report

When planning the jump from Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro, I discovered that Emirates has a flight that continues on to Dubai, and thought more fun to fly Emirates rather then any of the other flights that seemed to be available. And since there were two of us, it would be great for one of us to try out the Business Class, I had high hopes it was the new Business that Emirates was rolling out on their 777s. Having flown Emirates both in First and Business it was sort of a toss-up as to who would take which seating. In the end the deal was struck and I was to pass back a caviar from my meal, and The Celestial was more than fine flying Business.

I will admit, that I am not a huge Emirates fan. So much of their service is really fantastic, but I really do find the interior styling of their product to be just plain gaudy. All that burl wood and shiny gold trim just reeks of old rich fuddy-duddy or Las Vegas fancy. Dubai feels that way to me as well, so I just want to dislike it on principal, if nothing else.

EK248 Emirates, checking in at EZE Buenos Aires

One of the benefits of First Class, is that Emirates gets you through Passport Control and screening in a Fast Track, Business does not… and Immigrations at EZE is VERY slow. Lounge access is the same for both class into the SkyTeam Aerolineas Argentinas Lounge.

Upon arriving in the aircraft, I was greeted by the loveliest of young ladies, and since I was the only one in First, she asked if I wouldn’t mind moving to 1K rather than 2K, so she could serve me better. Who can really argue with that. She just kept coming by pouring more champagne and we talked about Emirates kinda things, and that she was Malaysian and spoke no Spanish or Portuguese so it was kinda funny she would be on this route. Just sweet as punch.

I took a bit of time to check out the seating. Though I hate the way it looks, must admit, it is one of the finest crafted First seatings on this trip, which was mostly all 777-300ER. I wish Singapore Airlines spent more time studying what works with the Emirates seating. And the mirror sections are great to add the feeling of even more space. The seat, super comfy. And all the little details and small storage nooks. It is a great First Class product. One of the best.

Take off was great as all 777-300s are, and food service started… and to my horror… no caviar service, not on this short section, that was for the Rio to Dubai segment. I have my pride, ain’t gonna beg for it. Dinner is served and I order the Pan-Seared Kingklip with a substitution of the basmati rice rather than the mashed potatoes. I usually don’t order fish, but nothing else looked appealing so thought I would risk it. I didn’t even take a photo, because I am prepared for a disappointment (yes, I know… the camera eats first, forgot). But not the case at all. It was the best dinner I have ever tasted inflight. Restaurant quality, I am rather stunned. I later found out that the Kingklip is a eel like fish from the southern hemisphere… can’t wait to try it again. And the preparation with the mint salsa was fantastic, and yes, the rice substitution was a wise choice.

EK248 Emirates EZE Buenos Ares ✈ GIG Rio De Janeiro First

I don’t know if I watched anything on the IFE, but Emirates has one of the best systems out there. And before I knew it… we were landing in Rio De Janeiro. I am out first, of course, and wait forever before they release the other passengers. Finally The Celestial gets off the Jetway and he is just looking so dour, I have seen that face before, should have let him have the First Class, but between you and I, I am glad the I got to experience a great Emirates flight, though short, but super sweet.

Business Class Report by The Celestial

When one conjures the image of Emirates Airline one inevitably reference the symbols of luxury- frankincense, myrrh,and gold… and you would not be disappointed if you were traveling in their First Class cabin! Sadly, the Celestial was stuck in business as the Fussy Flyer travelled First, and so the images he had to conjure were that of sand, camels, and ravens… perhaps raven is too macabre, so lets say egret. The seats in the business class was very uncomfortable… I kept on imagining that I was on a wooden plank sliding into the ocean… as the seat doesn’t lie completely level flat but at an angle. Again what they lacked in the cabin amenities they made up for in service.

The Emirates crew was very attentive, polite, and pleasant… perhaps it does help to dress up while one flies because they were rather curt with other passengers that placed their feet above the seat in front of them… how shameful!

EK248 Emirates, please keep your feet on the floor or foot stool.

Overall, the Business product was lackluster on Emirates…. now pass me that date from First Class please!

AIRLINE: Emirates
FROM: EZE – Buenos Aires
TO: GIG – Rio De Janeiro

FLOWN: March 2017
SEAT / CLASS FLOWN: 01K First / 09K Business

COST – RETAIL: $1800.00 (First), $430.00 (Business) USD One Way based on RT pricing
COST – MILEAGE / PROGRAM: 47,500 (First), 35,000 (Business) Emirates