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Delta Sky Club – SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Review Delta Sky Club SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Report

Report by Madame Now

The newish (6 months old) Delta One Lounge at Seattle Tacoma International Airport in the main terminal is airy and has beautiful light on a sunny day.

The colors are a bit drab in the lounge, I’m sure they will wear well but in the winter months could make one feel as if one were in a cave. The room is nicely divided, creating several cozy lounge environments. It was quite peaceful on the day I visited.
   There was pleasant jazzy lounge music playing quietly in the background so one could tune it out if one wanted. I really appreciate that the televisions are oriented so if you don’t want to see them you simply face the windows. The televisions were silent 🙂
   They have a spa and boutique, so if you need to stock up on shampoos or other products they can accommodate you with a well curated selection.
   There is a view of the gates but not the main landing strip, but the main hall and food hall at SeaTac has a fantastic view of tarmac so if you enjoy watching the take offs and landings be sure to visit there.
   The staff is charming and friendly.
   The food is quite yummy and crated by Seattle’s James Beard winner Ethan Stole. The food is all prepared on site in their new kitchen by the Delta chefs. Word is that Mister Stole and Delta are partnering up for inflight meals in the near future.
   A great selection of wines and draft beers.
   For those traveling with the younger set that are perhaps Pokémon Go fans, rest assured that they will be positioned near at least one Poke Stop.

MADAME NOW is always thrilled when corporate spaces support the arts, and Delta did good in supporting the local arts throughout the Lounge.

LOCATION: SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
WHEN VISITED: April 2017

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