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Vueling Airlines

Basic Information Vueling Airlines Major Airline

Data-Subhead Information Vueling Airlines IATA ICAO and Callsign

Status Ratings of Vueling Airlines as a Fly with Caution

Essentially, Vueling Airlines is a low cost carrier with it’s hubs in Barcelona and Rome. If you should decide to fly, make sure to do all the add-ons you need before getting to the airport, including seat assignements. It has some very handy connections that no other carrier provides, however, if you are expecting a First-Class luxury experience, look elsewhere.

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 Vueling Airlines Livery and Design Details

Vueling Airlines Airbus A320
Vueling Airlines Airbus A320

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More information: official Vueling Airlines website

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page updated: October 2019

some images courtesy: Vueling Airlines

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