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THE Spaceline for Planet Earth

For a limited time (while they last), I am able to provide High Priority access to the the “First 1000” in space with Virgin Galactic.

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Virgin Galactic reservations are open

By booking your Virgin Galactic Spaceflight, you will help pioneer a new industry and open space for a new generation while experiencing something so few have: witnessing our beautiful and fragile planet from space.

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A Virgin Galactic Spaceflight Reservation includes:
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Future Astronaut Community Membership:
• Full, ‘First 1000’ membership of Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronaut Community: a network of fascinating individuals with a shared love of adventure and passion for positive change through opening space for all.
• Access to exclusive, curated events, trips and activities, including weeks ‘at home’ with Sir Richard Branson and our annual flagship festival, Space for the Curious.
• Behind-the-scenes access to the Virgin Galactic team and facilities for a first-hand look at our program.
• Opportunity to share your passion with others through Galactic Unite, Virgin Galactic’s outreach program that supports and inspires young people to pursue an education in STEAM fields.

Astronaut Preparedness and Training:
• Optional flight readiness experiences, including High-G centrifuge training and a parabolic flight for weightlessness familiarization.
• Several days of personalized flight training and preparation at Spaceport America immediately before flight.

Resort Campus Accommodations:
• All-inclusive luxury hospitality for you and up to three guests during the training and preparation period before flight.
• A tailored itinerary of experiences for your guests while you train, including flight day attendance at Spaceport and post-flight celebrations.

Virgin Galactic Spaceflight:
• A 90-minute sub-orbital spaceflight onboard a Virgin Galactic air-launched spaceship. A runway take-off and landing, Mach 3 rocket ride, several minutes of out-of-seat weightlessness, and spectacular views of Earth from space via spaceship’s 17 windows.
• A full suite of takeaways including astronaut wings, a pin from the Association of Space Explorers, extensive video and photographic content from training and flight, Virgin Galactic apparel and your bespoke spacesuit.

Transformation and Impact:
• Many astronauts experience ‘The Overview Effect’ – a cognitive shift in perspective that comes from seeing Earth from space. Our hope is that you return from space motivated to deepen your connection to Earth and to humanity through Galactic Unite or other organizations.

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Virgin Galactic reservations are open

Ready to sign-up now…
use this link for quick access to your High Priority slot:


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Please contact me and I will send additional information.


page updated: November 2022

Virgin Galactic reservations are open

images courtesy: Virgin Galactic

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