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Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS) revolutionized the Airline industry with the release of its “Upper Class” product giving direct aisle access for all seating. It landed somewhere between International Business Class and First Class of the time, and started the race for the best business class seating on international routes. With the delivery of their new A350-1000 VS has made a dramatic improvement and maintain a good place in the race for the best business class.

The A350-1000 also makes great improvements on all cabin classes due to its slightly wider width when compared to the Boeing Dreamliner 787.

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 The Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A350-1000 Livery and Design Details

The Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A350-1000
The Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A350-1000

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 Virgin Atlantic Airways Flight Reviews and other information

Flight Review Virgin Atlantic’s New A350 Upper Class

Flight Review: Virgin Atlantic’s New A350 Upper Class
It’s Awesome:

Overall Thoughts On The New Virgin Atlantic A350 Upper Class…
To go from a seat which some travellers chose to avoid to a top 10 product, which I’d place in the top 5, given the incredible ground experience and on board bar Virgin Atlantic brings with it, this is a huge leap. I love seeing the latest connectivity, super HD screens and ample room to move around.

Is it better than the BA A350? I’d say the seat wins marginally thanks to the tech and the effort put into sleep, connectivity and relaxation comforts, but the cabin really does win on ambiance, plus the addition of a social space to stretch out or chat is just rad, whereas there’s absolutely no space on the other.

   the full review at: God Save The Points

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More information: official Virgin Atlantic Airways website

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page updated: October 2019

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