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Swiss Air LX243 – LX1068 MCT Muscat ✈ DXB ZRH FRA Economy

Flight Report Swiss Air LX243 LX1068 MCT Muscat DXB ZRH FRA Economy Review

When I discovered an “Error Fare” for Los Angeles to Muscat for $475.00, I figured why not. Mostly on Lufthansa and a bit of Swiss and Gulf Air, sounded like an adventure. And my good friend The Lady Banker has raved about Muscat, the only place of real Arabic Culture in the Gulf region.

Swiss Air LX243 – a late night departure

The return to Los Angeles was Swiss out of Muscat MCT. Departing nearly at midnight to arrive bright and early for a 20-minute connection for my flight to Frankfurt. Most of the European airlines have late night/early morning flights, making for a very busy time at MCT. And this terminal is old, so a very dumpy and small check-in area. Once checked in, I just wade my way through the flights to India and Pakistan to get to security. But once Airside, this old terminal doesn’t really offer much, but the PLAZA PREMIUM LOUNGE did, and made a good place to relax before getting ready to board.

The flights are all a bus ride out to the tarmac at MCT, a bit old school, but the night was pleasantly cool as we rode around the runways to our plane. Once on board I notice the flight is near empty, but not for long… it makes a stop in Dubai, and gets filled to full capacity. Now we all try to get a bit of sleep, and the Swiss attendants slip us a snack, a greasy baked cheese roll, with only a napkin. No utensils. This had to be one of the ickiest meals I have ever had on a plane. Guess they thought we might not notice how nasty it was in the dark. Dozed a bit and suddenly it is time for breakfast… 3 thin slices of mystery meat and a small bun with butter. Thank goodness I travel with emergency food (Cliff Bars).

Swiss Air LX1068 – not in Muscat anymore

We land in Zurich in the beginnings of a major snowstorm hitting central Europe… and I have 20 minutes to make my connecting flight at the Shengen Terminal. So I briskly trot through Security, Passport Control, and a train ride, and I make it, and not the last one one either. I made the flight… but my luggage had no such luck, as I later found out. The snowstorm has the whole system operating a few hours late, and my flight out of FRA is delayed as well. So I sat back and enjoyed the deicing of my flight and planned where to get some thing edible at FRA.

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AIRLINE: Swiss International Air Lines
FLIGHT # LX243 / LX1068
AIRCRAFT: A330-300 / A320
FROM: MCT – Muscat
TO: FRA – Frankfurt

FLOWN: January 2017
SEAT / CLASS FLOWN: Standard Coach – Aisle

MEALS SERVED: Nasty Snack, Questionable Breakfast / coffee

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Swiss Air – enjoy the best of Swiss hospitality

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