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Roomers – Frankfurt

Review: Design Hotels Roomers Frankfurt Report

When coming from the airport, I asked our taxi driver if he knew about our hotel Roomers and if it was nice… he said it was nice, but very black. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant at the time, but now I do. It’s as if you took Prince in his Lovesexy period, and made it all Black, (in Color Pallet, mind you). That rather describes this place.

Design Hotels Roomers Frankfurt – Bathroom Sink

Very modern and VERY designed, more than a bit form over function. Flourishes and hanging things everywhere… all the sinks have special grates (plastic I may add) to appear flat and sexy. A great deal of thought went into the concept and execution of this hotel, so that gives them big credit… except it is awfully black and adds to the gloom I know to be Frankfurt. I kept loosing my Jet Black iPhone, I would put it down on a table and it would just disappear. Thank goodness I have the apple watch so I could ping it. The photography throughout the hotel is B&W exotic / cabaret theme. Lovesexy meets Madonna Erotica.
   The Deluxe Room is not bad in size, but due to the curve in the wall, there was a lot of wasted space… and there in the corner was The Love Tub. A real missed opportunity for a great sitting area. From what I understand, all the corner rooms have the Tub. And this is the first time, ever!, when magazines in a room contain a Playboy. “Lovesexy”
   The Spa & Fitness area on the roof had an odd vibe to me… young men and women wandering in and out wearing only white robes. At one point we spotted a guy in is robe on the street wandering. A Lovesexy Zombie?
   The staffing is wonderful, a bit curt, but lovely all the same. And a big plus for Roomers, a very good restaurant, they even knew how to prepare fish properly… decent food in Frankfurt, who would have known. And the bar made spot on great drinks.

Lovesexy Zombies roaming the streets of Frankfurt!

I have mixed feelings on this hotel. It was a good hotel, but with it’s 50 Shades of Black concept, obviously I am not the target audience. I would most likely stay elsewhere on my next visit to Frankfurt, but for the right person, Lovesexy!

HOTEL CHAIN: Design Hotels

LOCATION: Frankfurt, Germany
TIME OF STAY: March 2017
ROOM BOOKED: Deluxe Room with Love Tub

COST – RETAIL: €310 per night
PACKAGE: Flexible Rate With Breakfast

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