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Sporting what I think to be one of the more intriguing liveries around right now, based out of Abu Dhabi, Etihad may be one of the “Classy” Airlines at the moment. Refusing to develop a Premium Economy as to not degrade their Business Class may be a risky move in these times. and yes, they are bleeding a bit of cash at the moment as well. Their interior styling is so easy to look at, unlike it’s neighbor to the north, Emirates. I will be spending a great deal of time soon on Etihad, let’s see if I think after a few flights on Etihad.

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 Etihad Flying on their Long-Haul International Fleet

The core Long-Haul Fleet is the A380, and 777-300 or 200. Recently they have been adding the 787 (9 and 10) and soon the A350 (900 and 1000) to replace aging aircraft. In 2014, with the delivery of it’s first A380, it debuted “The Residence”, a multi-roomed Suite… a class beyond First Class.

Etihad A380 First Apartment

A380 Class Structure:
The Residence
First Apartment
Business Studio (and 787)
   • above have access to the upper level “The Lobby”
Economy Class, all lower level

Standard Class Structure:
First Suite
Pearl Business Class
Economy Class

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More information: Official Etihad Airways website

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