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Destination: Colombia

The Best Hotels and Resorts in Colombia Private Client Luxury Travel expert travel assistance

The Best Hotels in Colombia information ISO Country Phone Code and Local Currency Name

Land of Contrasts
   a country where variety
      truly is the spice of life

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, a fact that attracts travelers looking for variety in their vacation. It is bordered by the Caribbean on one side and the Pacific on another, so if you want great beaches, you’ve got it. The Andes are here too, so if you prefer mountainous landscapes, you’re good to go. Got jungle fever? Set your sights on the Amazon. Whatever environment your heart desires, Colombia surely has it.

The Best Hotels and Resorts in Colombia Private Client Luxury Travel expert travel assistance

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Destination Colombia Special Precautions or Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa for US Citizens: Not required for stays 90 days or less.

19% tax: foreign tourists may be tax exempt of this tax as long as they present the stamp placed on their passport upon arrival in Customs at El Dorado Airport, showing they entered the country for tourism reasons. This is the current government policy regarding tax exemption in hotels and its subject to change without notice.

US Department of State Colombia Information

Traveler’s Medical Insurance is highly advised:
Most care providers overseas only accept cash payments. Medicare and other standard Healthcare coverage does not extend to basic medical care or emergency care outside of the USA.

Yellow fever vaccine, documented on the WHO International Certificate of Vaccination, is required for travelers coming from Brazil, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. The vaccine must have been administered at least 10 days before arrival in Colombia.

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Destination Specialists and Local Assistance Colombia

Colombia is definitely a place we should consider working with a Destination Specialist, especially on your first visit.

Blue Parallel
One of my preferred suppliers in the region.

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 Destination Colombia Information from other trusted sources

My Virtuoso Colombia Information Page

Here is a good place to start for some additional information on quality Hotels, Water Adventures and Activities.

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Colombia Virtuoso article of interest Thom Bissett The Fussy Flyer
Colombia Rising:
This South American Country is 2022’s Adventure-Travel Destination

From coffee plantations to colonial cities, reefs and ancient ruins to the Amazon and mountainous wildlands, Colombia’s six distinct regions are primed for discovery.

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WIKIVOYAGE: Colombia Page
A great resource for all the basic information you need for Colombia.

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page updated: October 2023

images courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Colombia Tourism Board
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The Best Hotels in Colombia a wonderful place to visit

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