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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises Large Premium Ocean & Expedition suggestions basic information

One of my favorite Large Cruise Ship lines

With the introduction of their new “Edge” large ship series, and the full revitaliztion of their Solstice and Millennium series, Celebrity has turned their cruise line into a very solid product. Celebrity also features an excellent expedition program in the Galapagos.

Celebrity Cruises Basic Company Information Classifications

Country Of Headquarters: Malta, USA, Ecuador
Category: Large Ship Premium & Expedition (Galapagos Islands)

Fleet and Craft Information for Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Edge Series

4 Large Voyage Vessels – Edge Series

   Celebrity Edge
   Celebrity Apex
   Celebrity Beyond (Coming 2021)
   Edge Series IV (Coming 2022)

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Celebrity Edge Tour: What Makes Edge Unique

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Celebrity Solstice Series Ocean Voyage

5 Large Voyage Vessels – Solstice Series

   Celebrity Solstice
   Celebrity Eclipse
   Celebrity Equinox
   Celebrity Reflection
   Celebrity Silhouette

Celebrity Millennium Series

4 Large Voyage Vessels – Millennium Series

   Celebrity Millennium
   Celebrity Constellation
   Celebrity Infinity
   Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Flora Galapagos Yachting Exploration Ship

3 Expedition Size Vessels (Galapagos)

   Celebrity Flora
   Celebrity Xpedition
   Celebrity Xploration

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page updated: April 2021

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