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Casa Colonial Beach & Spa – Puerto Plata

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Hands down, this is the best hotel in Puerto Plata. So for me, this is the only option when spending a few nights in town. And an SLH property, so it is a boutique hotel, and not a price that is overly expensive.

I was surprised to find out that the hotel was built only about 14 years ago. A good job for the “Colonial” aspect was done. I actually thought I was entering a baby Raffles Hotel. The lobby felt rather authentic, it did not feel like it was a modern building when one first enters. The lobby and hotel have a pleasant elegance without being stuffy atmosphere. I felt right at home, right away.

The rooms are all quite large, including the entry level rooms… and the 1-Bedroom Corner Suite with the outdoor tub is a winner. They may have one of the best Spas on the North Coast and a wonderful beach that is quite swimmable. This is not a private beach and is shared with several other properties in the area. But the waters were warm and not much surf due to the reef protecting the bay. It was one of the more pleasant properties I found on my Dominican Republic tour. And I look forward to returning soon.

HOTEL CHAIN: SLH – Small Luxury Hotels
LOCATION: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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