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BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport

BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport Overview

It looks like BER Berlin Brandenburg may finally open… in Oct 2020.

Berlin Brandenburg begins final tests; on track for October 2020 opening
The much-delayed Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), which is still on track to open in October 2020—has begun final technical tests, a prerequisite for opening.


On my German Road Trip starting out of Berlin, thought it would be fun to visit the “Ghost Airport” of Brandenburg. Much has been written elsewhere, but basically the airport has a bungled Fire Detection System. 3 to 4 times over budget and with no real opening date, it is a black eye to German Engineering.

BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport

After exiting off the 113 to Brandenburg, there is a major highway to the airport, but there is NO ONE and not a car in site. And as the Main Terminal came closer, the feeling of last human on earth began to sink in. Location Scouts should take note, this is the ideal setting for your next Zombie Apocalypse movie project. As you get closer, parking lots overgrown with weeds and all the gates left open. The only space blocked off to cars was the ramp up to Departures, otherwise I was free to drive around as I pleased. As I drove down to the Arrivals area, there were a few cars parked there and later I discovered an active Admittance Area at the lower lever, which leads to the “Ghost Train Station” underneath the Terminal complex. Over to the right of the Terminal I could see a few cars parked in one of the several multi-level garages. So I was not totally alone.

BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport

A strange and eerie place. In the main plaza area, weeds creeping in all over, a Water Fountain in the front fully functioning, for whom I have no idea. No traffic and a mild breeze blowing through the Terminal is all you hear.

BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport Bike Tours

I later discovered you can organize a Tour of 8 people or more. And every Sunday they have a 2-hour Bike Tour of the Terminal and Jetway areas, but since they don’t offer a bike, I don’t think they are that sincere in wanting folks to show up. But worth a stop if you are in Berlin and love Airports, this is a one of a kind adventure.

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Airport Info

LOCATION: 30 kilometers SE of the Brandenburg Gate.

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