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Status Ratings of Air Tahiti Nui as a Preferred Carrier

Air Tahiti Nui (TN) has done a lot of upgrading to their service since their new Dreamliners have been delivered. Still an A340 or 2 flying, but those are being phases out soon. Beside the obvious choice going to Tahiti, from Los Angeles customers, they make a good and economical option for flying to Paris CDG as well.

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 Air Tahiti Nui Livery and Design Details

Air Tahiti Nui Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 Livery
Air Tahiti Nui Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 Livery

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 Air Tahiti Nui Routes of Note

PPT Papeete Tahiti > LAX Los Angeles > CDG Paris

TN8 | PPT 2345 > 1038 LAX 1330 > 0910+1 CDG | 789 | D
TN7 | CDG 1130 > 1335 LAX 1625 > 2125 PPT | 789 | D

LAX Los Angeles > PPT Papeete Tahiti

TN1 | LAX 1655 > 2145 PPT | 789 | 3
TN2 | PPT 2140 > 0800+1 LAX | 789 | 3

TN101 | LAX 2255 > 0505+1 PPT | 789/343 | 257
TN102 | PPT 2359 > 1010+1 LAX | 789/343 | 136

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 Air Tahiti Nui Flight Reviews and other information

Review Air Tahiti Nui Business Class 787-9 Los Angeles To Papeete

Review: Air Tahiti Nui Business Class 787-9 Los Angeles To Papeete

Air Tahiti Nui 787 business class bottom line:
Having flown Air Tahiti Nui’s old business class, I can say that their new business class experience represents a huge improvement.

While I wouldn’t call their new business class cutting edge, it’s a solid product, especially given that they fly to a leisure destination with limited competition in most markets.

Personally, I appreciated the abbreviated meal service on this fairly short overnight flight, and found the food quality to be good. The service was friendly, though unmemorable. And I liked the amenities they had.

I’d say their biggest room for improvement comes with their limited entertainment selection, and also their outrageous wifi pricing, which doesn’t seem to me like it would be maximizing revenue for them.

But all things considered I give Air Tahiti Nui’s new business class a big thumbs up.

   the full review at: One Mile at a Time

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More information: official Air Tahiti Nui website

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page updated: October 2019

some images courtesy: Air Tahiti Nui

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